This list of external links is maintained by 'John42' from the KNEEguru bulletin board.

The bulletin board has a dedicated section called 'Ruptured patellar tendon or ruptured quadriceps tendon', where John42 is a participant and where you can register and ask questions or contribute your own experience.


1. Patellar tendon rupture

2. Patellar tendon ruptures

3. Patellar tendon tear

4. Rehabilitation

5. Galland/Kirby Patellar Tendon Repair Post-surgical Rehabilitation Protocol

6. Patellar Tendon Rupture and Rehabilitation

7. Patellar tendon repair

8. Patellar tendon ruptures

9. Rehabilitation guidelines for patellar tendon and Quadriceps tendon repair

Contributing to the KNEEguru

John has helped out for many years in those parts of the site and social media relating to quads and patellar tendon rupture..