A sound programme of rehabilitation is critical to the outcome of cruciate ligament surgery, and rehabilitation is relevant to all patients with cruciate ligament injury.

In this course Mrs Lesley Hall, specialist knee physiotherapist, gives an outline of the key rehabilitation issues, together with practical advice.

Structure of the Course

So you've torn your ACL?

  • what does the ACL do?
  • ligaments of the knee
  • how does injury occur?

The early management of ACL tears

Exercises in the early stage after ACL injury

  • illustrated simple exercises

Clinical assessment of ACL tears

  • reaching a diagnosis - the 'History'
  • examination
  • further diagnostic tests

Torn ACL - Should I have an operation?

  • the ACL-deficient knee
  • management options

General principles of ACL rehabilitation

  • reduction of swelling
  • range of movement
  • strength
  • proprioception
  • kinetic Chain Exercises

Progressive rehab while deciding on surgery - stages 1-2

  • stage 1
  • stage 2
  • stage 3
  • stage 4
  • stage 5

So you're having an ACL reconstruction?

  • before surgery
  • your operation

Rehab after surgery

  • in hospital
  • early progressions at home
  • progressions (day 10 onwards)