This course by retired knee surgeon, Angus Strover, will take the reader through a standard examination of the knee during keyhole surgery.

Dr Strover spent two decades involved in the training of young orthopaedic surgeons, both via hands-on courses and via offering Fellowship programmes.

Structure of the Course

Arthroscopy - The importance of method

  • informed consent
  • procedures just before the anaesthesia
  • use of a tourniquet

Arthroscopy - Instrumentation

Arthroscopy - Anatomy

Arthroscopy - That critical first portal

  • marking the portals
  • identifying the notch

Arthroscopy - Progressing to two hands

  • introducing the instruments
  • looking around

Arthroscopy - A system of examination from the standard portals

  • systematic examination of the internal anatomy

Arthroscopy - Plicae

  • explanation of plicae
  • the view under the patella

Arthroscopy - The value of the suprapatellar portal

Arthroscopy - Commonly missed problems