Dr Kirti Moholkar is an orthopaedic consultant from the Midlands in the UK. He has completed a fellowship from the USA and a Sports Fellowship from Australia.

He has a broad base of various aspects of Knee and Shoulder surgery and a special interest in Total, Unicompartmental & Patello-Femoral Knee Replacement using computer-assisted minimally-invasive approaches. In this course he offers some very practical advice about knee replacement.

The course is in 6 parts:

Structure of the Course

Arthritis and knee replacement

Making the decision for knee replacement

  • the patient's perspective
  • the surgeon's perspective
  • rehabilitation considerations
  • lifestyle considerations

My preferences as a knee replacement surgeon

Preparing for knee replacement

  • work preparations
  • domestic circumstances
  • physical preparation
  • pre-operative assessment
  • learning about risks

The actual knee surgery process

  • tourniquet use
  • operating room sterility
  • technique

Potential complications of knee replacement

  • local complications
  • general complications