This ebook briefly outlines the common knee symptoms that a patient might experience...

Common knee symptoms

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When a person first experiences a knee problem, it may be difficult to work out what is wrong or whether or not the symptoms are serious enough to warrant an appointment with the doctor.

In this book, we walk through the most common knee symptoms and how they might arise. Of course, a 'symptom' is only that - it is not a diagnosis. But a cluster of symptoms together might point to the probable diagnosis, so after reading this book it is likely that you may have a much better idea of what your symptoms infer.

The book discusses pain in the knee, noises, swelling, instability, locking, giving way and other symptoms. It is written in easy English and medical terms are explained. Illustrations are provided where they could help the reader to better grasp the content. The reader is also likely to begin the process of building up the sort of vocabulary that will help in exploring further online. Remember also that you can find a Dictionary in the main menu and there is a Search Bar if you need to explore further.

There is no charge for this little book, and you are welcome to share it.