This ebook discusses the various types of meniscus injuries and their consequences ...

knee meniscus injury ebook

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A meniscus injury is not a case of 'one size fits all'. There are many ways in which the damage can be done, and they all have different consequences and management. Injury may be a tear, yes, but there are other kinds of damage to the meniscus which can be just as problematic as a tear. This book discusses the normal anatomy of the knee meniscus, and then goes on to describe simple tears, complex tears, avulsions, meniscal root problems, meniscus issues relating to the popliteus muscle, degenerative tears and extrusions

It goes briefly over the issues of secondary damage due to an incompetent meniscus. Hoever, this book does not involve itself in management of meniscus damage - we are working on another book to cover that - it is simply to help you understand the many kinds of meniscus injury.[/no-lexicon]