This ebook explains what the physiotherapist is trying to achieve for the patient during the rehabilitation process...

Objectives of knee rehabilitation

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[no-lexicon]By understanding the objectives, the patient is then better able to co-operate and improve the outcome of all the effort put into rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation is a time when the patient is under stress. Accidents may happen out of the blue, and the person may not be emotionally prepared for either the injury or any consequent surgery. Medical vocabulary to the uninitiated can be bewildering, and appointments in this day and age seldom allow the luxury of spending time discussing thing with the doctor. Even the physiotherapist may be dealing with more than one person at the time, and unable to stop to explain all the principles.

So this little eBook attempts to fill the gap. Principles are clearly laid out, and the reasons for regimes explained. Easy-to-follow exercises are explained and illustrated for those challenging times when the patient is waiting for the formal rehabilitation appointment to come through.[/no-lexicon]