The 'anterior interval' is the region of the knee between the fat pad and the front of the tibia bone (anterior tibial plateau) and the patellar tendon.

The anterior interval is one of those areas of the knee that can become locked up with adhesions, resulting in a stiff knee.


eBook - Arthrofibrosis and Patella Baja

This ebook explains how an abnormally low kneecap result from the inflammatory condition of arthrofibrosis

Anterior interval arthrofibrosis

This is a condition where scarring occurs in the space behind the patellar tendon - the '...

The anterior interval

An explanation of the very important gap under the patellar tendon

Dr Peter Millett discusses why knee surgeons need to be aware that arthrofibrotic scarring can occur in this area because of the position of their arthroscopic portals (cuts).