Knee exercises help to improve range of motion, strength and endurance.

It is important to understand the phases of rehabilitation, so that you choose exercises that are appropriate to your own level of healing and recovery.

goniometer for range of motion of knee full arc extensions hamstrings curls
knee rehabilitation exercises
range of motion exercises
strengthening exercises

Range of Motion

Video explaining the terminology of flexion and extension of the knee.

Knee Rehabilitation Principles

A pretty comprehensive rehab section offering descriptions of many of the routine knee exercises, together with an explanation of where each is relevant.

A-Z of Rehabilitation Exercises

An alphabetical list of the sort of exercises usually prescribed by physiotherapists for knee rehabilitation.

A personal story of knee rehabilitation going wrong

Objectives of Knee Rehabilitation

An explanation of what rehab tries to achieve.

Hamstrings exercises

Hamstrings exercises should not be forgotten in favour of quads exercises. These two muscle groups should be balanced.




Effectiveness of physiotherapy exercise after knee arthroplasty for osteoarthritis: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Minns Lowe CJ, Barker KL, Dewey M, and Sackley CM. BMJ. 2007 Oct 20; 335(7624): 812.

Cornerstones of early knee rehabilitation - ebook

Objectives of Knee Rehabilitation - ebook

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