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Abbreviation of 'magnetic resonance imaging'.


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Open MRI Scans – a solution for claustrophobics

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging.

It is basically a noninvasive imaging technology which produces some three dimensional complete anatomical images without using damaging radiation.

MRI has some advantages over normal X-rays and CT scans because it can reveal the inner workings of the human body in much better detail. But the problem is that it involves lying for 15 minutes or half an hour in a confined 70cm wide tube due to...


MRI Imaging of Patellar Cartilage

MRI imaging of the patella provides information that a plain X-ray cannot.

Specifically the MRI allows the doctor to evaluate the articular cartilage under the...

The MRI Lie: A Matter of Economics

Dr Ronald Grelsamer exposes some problems in the MRI business.