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The patella is the kneecap, the small bone sitting over the front of the knee. Plural = 'patellae'.


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Basic information about kneecap disorders and their management.

Ten excellent patellar websites

Here is a list of useful resources for patellar patients.

Because the patella is an integral part of the whole muscle-tendon-bone structure that extends the knee, it can be affected by many factors, from the foot up to the lower trunk. Therefore it is difficult to decide what to keep in a website offering an overview of...


Why does my knee cap (patella) hurt?

The patella (knee cap) is exposed to incredibly high loads during sporting activities.

Even activities of daily living, squatting and jogging can put loads equivalent to seven times body weight through the patella - even stair climbing puts loads of three times body weight through it.

So it is hardly surprising things go wrong with this joint.

What we should really be asking is


Rotational Deformity & Miserable malalignment

Discussing rotational problems with the log bones of the leg and how they can affect the kneecap.

What is a patella?

A quick animation about the patella bone.

The patella - important anatomical relationships

The kneecap or patella is part of a chain of structures that help to straighten the knee.