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Image of The Pediatric Anterior Cruciate Ligament: Evaluation and Management Strategies

A review by KNEEguru of a published medical book with expert contributors - Editor: Shital N Parikh, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Center.

Image of Knee meniscus ('knee cartilage') injury & surgical options: Understand what your surgeon is talking about

Fully illustrated 10,000 word article on injury to the knee cartilages (knee menisci). The article describes the...

Image of Apley's System of Orthopaedics and Fractures

A review of a classical and great student text book of orthopaedics and fractures.

Image of The Problem Knee

242 pp, well illustrated with diagrams, photographs and X-ray images.

This excellent book is written by two very experienced orthopaedic surgeons - Malcolm Macnicol and Franky Steenbrugge - but aimed at non-surgeon clinicians who are more likely to be the first point of contact for...

Image of Apley and Solomon's Concise System of Orthopaedics and Trauma (Solomon, Apley's Concise System of Orthopedics and Fractures)

486 pp, richly illustrated and carefully thought out. A scratch-off panel reveals a code to give access to the e-book, which can be downloaded to various devices, offering a student a reference that can always be handy.

This text has moved a long way since Apley's original 1959 publication, and has been expanded to become a general orthopaedic text for medical...

Image of Local Infiltration Analgesia: A Technique to Improve Outcomes after Hip, Knee or Lumbar Spine Surgery

118 pps, soft cover. Includes tables, graphs and full colour photos. Available also in Kindle edition.

Author: Dr Dennis R Kerr from Joint Orthopaedic Centre, Bondi Junction, Australia. Published by Informa Healthcare....

Image of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Practical Surgical Guide

This is a clinical text written by experts for experts, and has over 500 pages of well-indexed detail and is richly illustrated in colour. It is not a beginner's book.