Essential knee terminology
Keyhole surgery search for term

Keyhole surgery is surgery performed with thin instruments through two or more tiny cuts, or portals.

Kin-Com isokinetic machine search for term

The KinCom isokinetic machine is a sophisticated apparatus for both exercising the knee and for determining various parameters of muscle strenth.

Knee alignment search for term

The alignment relationship of femur to tibia when weight-bearing.

Knee arthroplasty search for term

Replacing some or all of the joint with metal and plastic.

Knee brace search for term

Brace to stabilise the knee, or to prevent certain of ranges of motion during knee rehabilitation.

Knee cartilage search for term

The term 'knee cartilage' could refer to either the meniscal cartilage(s) (meaning the 'meniscus' which is the shock absorber sandwiched between the long bones of the knee) or the articular cartilage (the gristle covering the ends of the bones of the knee).

Knee extension device search for term

A rehabilitation device to improve knee extension.

Knee mouse search for term

A piece of cartilage floating free in the knee joint. The more correct term is 'loose body'.

Knee pain search for term

Knee pain is pain experienced in the knee.

Knee replacement search for term

Replacing some or all of the knee joint with implants of metal and plastic.

Knee surgeon search for term

There is no particular qualification in knee surgery itself. Most surgeons specialising in knee surgery are qualified in general orthopaedic surgery, and have gravititated towards specialising in knees.

Knee surgery search for term

Knee surgery includes operating on the structures within the knee joint, or on the structures adjacent to the knee joint and affecting its function.

Knock knees search for term

Knock knees, where the knees tend to touch while the feet are apart, are also known as valgus knees.

KOOS search for term

Abbreviation of 'Knee and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score.'

Kujala Score search for term

The Kujala Score is a scoring system surgeons use for patellofemoral problems.