Essential knee terminology
Lachman test search for term

The Lachman Test is a test performed by the clinician to test for laxity of the anterior cruciate ligament.

Lateral search for term

The word 'lateral' is a position word, indicating the outer aspect of something.

Lateral collateral ligament search for term

The lateral collateral ligament supports the knee joint on its outer aspect, ie the lateral side.

Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve search for term

A nerve that supplies sensation to the side and back of the thigh.

Lateral meniscus search for term

The lateral meniscus is the meniscus on the lateral (outer) side.

Lateral release search for term

A lateral release is a surgical procedure to release tight capsular structures (lateral retinaculum) on the outer (lateral) aspect of the knee.

Lateral retinaculum search for term

The lateral retinaculum is the name given to the structures that provide a passive restraint to the patella on the outer (lateral) side of the knee.

Lateral thrust search for term

A sideways movement of the knee which occurs suddenly in the early stance phase of walking.

Lavage search for term

Lavage is a procedure where the joint is washed out.

LCL search for term

Abbreviation of 'lateral collateral ligament'.

Leg curls search for term

A knee rehabilitation exercise.

Leg press search for term

A rehabilitation exercise to strengthen the quadriceps muscle.

Lesion search for term

A lesion is a circumscribed area of tissue damage in the body.

Level I study search for term

A research study that includes a properly designed randomised trial.

Ligament search for term

A ligament is a fibrous restraint between two bones.

Ligament reconstruction search for term

Re-building a torn ligament using tissue from other parts of the body or synthetic material.

Ligamentisation search for term

The process by which a graft rebuilds its structure to resemble a ligament.

Limb alignment search for term

The alignment of the leg when standing and weight-bearing.

Limb reconstruction search for term

Surgical rebuilding of a limb that is distorted by injury, birth defect or disease, using techniques such as osteotomy and distraction callotasis (stretching out the bone).

Lipoarthritis traumatica genu search for term

A painful disorder of the fat pad of the knee. Same as 'Hoffa's disease'.

LLPS search for term

Abbreviation of Low Load Prolonged Stretching

LOA search for term

Abbreviation of 'lysis of adhesions'.

Locking search for term

Locking is when the knee suddenly gets caught in a bent position, and it is impossible to straighten it without assistance.

Loose body search for term

A loose body is a loose piece of cartilage floating around in the knee joint.

Low Load Prolonged Stretching search for term

A slow moderate stretch for a prolonged time.

Lunges search for term

A knee rehabilitation exercise.

Lying wall slides search for term

A knee rehabilitation exercise.

Lying wall slides (facilitated) search for term

A knee rehabilitation exercise.

Lysis of adhesions search for term

The surgical procedure of breaking down the strands of material which can form inside the joint if the knee is inflamed; These strands are called 'adhesions'.