Essential knee terminology
OA search for term

Abbreviation of 'osteoarthritis'.

OATS search for term

Abbreviation of 'osteoarticular transfer system'.

Occupational therapist search for term

An occupational therapist is a clinically-trained person who specialises in either aiding patients back to work or using work therapy as part of a treatment plan.

OCD search for term

Abbreviation of 'osteochondral defect'.

ODEP search for term

Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel

Oedema search for term

Oedema is excess fluid in the soft tissues.

Oedematous search for term

This is an adjective to describe body tissue that is boggy with excess tissue fluid.

Off loading search for term

Changing the forces through the knee joint to protect a damaged area.

One-legged balance search for term

A knee rehabilitation exercise.

Open chain search for term

When an exercise involves a phase where the foot is free and not in contact with any surface.

Open chain exercise search for term

An 'open chain' exercise in one in which the end of the limb limb being exercised is free from contact with any surface for some part of the excursion.

Opening wedge search for term

A type of knee osteotomy for correcting limb alignment, where a bone wedge is cut in either the femur or tibia and the space opened up and plated in that position.

Opening-wedge osteotomy search for term

An osteotomy is a surgical procedure where a bone is cut partly through and wedged open, in order to re-angle the bone.

OR search for term

Abbreviation of 'operating room'.

ORIF search for term

ORIF stands for 'open reduction and internal fixation'.

Orthobiologic search for term

An orthobiologic is an orthopaedic intervention using cell-based therapies and biological materials that will become part of repaired but living tissue.

Orthopaedic search for term

The term 'orthopaedic' relates to the medical management of disorders of bones and soft tissues of the limbs.

Orthopaedic surgeon search for term

An orthopaedic surgeon is a specialist in surgery of the bones and soft tissues of the limbs.

Orthotic search for term

An orthotic is a shoe insert.

Orthotics search for term

The discipline of improving gait or leg stability with shoe inserts or braces.

Orthotist search for term

An orthotist is a clinician who specialises in optimising the forces through the feet via insoles of various shapes and custom footware.

OS search for term

Abbreviation for 'orthopaedic surgeon'.

OSD search for term

Abbreviation of 'Osgood Schlatter's disorder'.

Osgood Schlatter's disease search for term

Same as 'Osgood Schlatter's disorder'.

Osgood Schlatter's disorder search for term

This is an 'overuse' condition, where the attachment of the patellar tendon to the tibia bone becomes stressed.

Ossicle search for term

An ossicle is a very small bone.

Osteitis search for term

Osteitis is inflammation of the bone.

Osteoarthritis search for term

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis.

Osteoarticular transfer system search for term

A surgical procedure when a plug (or several) of normal joint cartilage are cored out and used to replace damaged cartilage.

Osteochondral allograft search for term

A transplant of a plug of bone and cartilage from a donor into a cartilage defect in the patient.

Osteochondral defect search for term

An osteochondral defect occurs when a chunk of joint cartilage is lost, leaving a crater.

Osteochondral implant search for term

A plug of bone and cartilage that can be press-fitted into a prepared hole to replace a defect in the joint cartilage.

Osteochondritis search for term

Inflammation of the joint cartilage and underlying bone.

Osteochondritis dissecans search for term

A destructive condition of bone, where a localised bit of bone dies off and leaves a crater.

Osteochondrosis search for term

A general term implying that there is some abnormal process going on in the joint cartilage and underlying bone.

Osteolysis search for term

The breakdown of bone, which is a normal part of the self-restructuring of bone, but which can in some cases be abnormal and leave cavities in the bone.

Osteonecrosis search for term

Cell death of a small area of bone.

Osteophyte search for term

Osteophytes (bone spurs) are small, irregular bony outgrowths from a joint surface.

Osteotomy search for term

A surgical procedure where the bone is cut, to allow the limb alignment to be changed.

OT search for term

Abbreviation for 'occupational therapist'.

Outerbridge Classification search for term

The Outerbridge classification is a grading system for joint cartilage breakdown.

Oxford knee score search for term

A scoring system of activities of daily living. 0=poor, 48=good.