A surgical procedure where the bone is cut, to allow the limb alignment to be changed.


When surgically tackling complex issues in the knee, attention to alignment is often key to a successful outcome.

We can use the procedure of re-alignment osteotomy to -

  • unload damaged areas in the knee
  • re-tension ligaments
  • improve movement, and
  • as an adjunct to other procedures


The 'common and garden' osteotomy to unload damaged areas in the knee is a single


Discussion looking at the alternatives to a joint replacement in active patients whose osteoarthritis tends to be limited.


Surgery to realign the bony anatomy.

Realignment osteotomy for knee pain

Osteotomy is the procedure of cutting a bone and realigning it to improve anatomy and function. This course by Adrian Wilson, FRCS, focuses on surgical realignment of the femur or tibia in patients whose knee symptoms can be alleviated by altering the forces through one or other side of the knee joint.