A painful and distressing event, when the patella jumps clean out of the restraining walls of the groove in which it normally rides.


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High incidence of acute and recurrent patellar dislocations: a retrospective nationwide epidemiological study

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High incidence of acute and recurrent patellar dislocations


Patellar Instability – a Continuum

Patellar Instability can dramatically reveal itself with a sudden episode of dislocation of the patella (kneecap).

Although most people are familiar with the distress experienced by someone who has had a dislocated patella, fewer realise that...

Patellar instability and dislocation

I am focusing this discussion primarily on patients who are patellar dislocators, although I touch on procedures that also relate to people who have patellar instability and are subluxators but who do not necessarily experience full-blown dislocation.