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A knee brace that changes the alignment of the knee as weight is taken on that side, with a view to reducing the forces through joint cartilage when the damage is still restricted to just one half of the joint.

Unloaders are often used to give symptomatic relief to patients whose knee osteoarthritis is not severe enough to warrant a total knee replacement, or to patients who are waiting for a knee replacement, either a total or a partial one. They are also used to 'unload' one side of the knee after cartilage repair surgery.

unloading brace

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The 'Unloader Moment'

Some time ago at a medical educational meeting about high tibial osteotomy, I was chatting to a representative from the company Ossür.

The focus of the educational meeting was the value of surgical re-alignment of the leg to unload one side of the knee where it was showing stress mostly from the lack of the meniscal shock absorber on that side and tending to bow or to go knock-kneed.

Ossür were manning a stand highlighting their ‘...