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Knee pain is pain experienced in the knee.


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Pain in the back of the knee

A short eBook discussing those conditions that may cause pain at the back of the knee.

Why does my knee cap (patella) hurt?

The patella (knee cap) is exposed to incredibly high loads during sporting activities.

Even activities of daily living, squatting and jogging can put loads equivalent to seven times body weight through the patella - even stair climbing puts loads of three times body weight through it.

So it is hardly surprising things go wrong with this...

Common knee symptoms

'Common things occur commonly!'

Knee Pain - the History

A Poem

As Orthopaedic surgeons we are now

Informed quite well in all the details how

Pain within the knee is generated

And how it can be treated and ablated.

Remember, pain is not what you can see


Knee Pain - Examination

A Poem

Finger-pointing test

Now before you start the tender task

Of examination, you must ask

"Where is this pain? If you can be precise

"To show me its location would be nice"

It's at this stage and often not before

Some patients say "I'm absolutely sure

"It's here, not there where my knee's been treated.

"I feel to some extent that I've been cheated."